Why Businesses are Choosing Silent Panic Buttons for Their Staff

by Jiun Wang, on Jun 5, 2023 10:00:00 AM

When it comes to panic buttons, different types are available, each with its own design and function. The question is, which one is right for you? Should you go for a silent panic button or an audible alarm? Here are some things to consider:


Silent Panic Button Devices

A silent panic button is a discreet and effective way to call for assistance in duress situations. When faced with someone who displays threatening behavior, raising an audible alarm could further escalate the situation and put you in more danger. However, a silent panic button allows you to request help without drawing attention to yourself, allowing you to remain calm and composed. This is especially important in workplace settings where there may be a large audience or guests present who might panic and disrupt the situation. It's similar to how some home security systems function, where alerts are sent silently to avoid alerting intruders that they have been detected. In this way, silent panic buttons are invaluable in keeping employees safe and secure during dangerous situations.

Audible Panic Button Devices

While audible alarms may seem like a quick fix to deter potential attackers, in the workplace they can cause more harm than good. Sometimes an unexpected and loud alarm scares away the person threatening you, but it's also possible that they could aggravate the situation further and expose you to danger. Additionally, if guests are present in your workplace, the loud alarm could cause unnecessary panic and damage your brand's reputation. Most audible alarm systems are cheaply made and only create noise to deter threats, with no other functionality or features to ensure the safety of individuals in distress. In contrast, silent panic buttons are designed to discreetly summon help without attracting unwanted attention or endangering those in need.

Why Businesses are Choosing Silent Panic Button Devices for their Staff

In recent years, more and more businesses have recognized the value of incorporating silent panic button alarms into their security measures. Compared to loud alarms or "noise makers," which can be easily ignored or drowned out by other sounds, silent panic buttons are small, wearable, and easily accessible to staff members in case of an emergency. This discreet yet effective safety measure is designed to ensure employees' and customers' safety and security, making it a highly desirable solution for businesses seeking to prioritize their people's well-being. Every second counts during a dangerous situation and quick response times can make all the difference in keeping employees safe.

Hotel Brand Guidelines for Panic Buttons

The 5-Star Promise initiative encourages hotels to prioritize the safety and security of their employees. Global hotel brands have implemented panic button requirements as part of their commitment to enhancing employee safety. Leading brands such as Marriott have made panic buttons a mandatory guideline for their hotels in the United States and Canada.

Marriott chooses to minimize the risk of escalating dangerous situations by requiring a workplace safety solution with silent alarms. On the other hand, some other brands consider audible alarms acceptable, as long as they comply with all other brand standard requirements. Hotels that choose to implement a workplace safety system with an audible alarm may be in compliance, but they still run a great risk of escalating threatening situations. 

Keeping the Workplace Safe and Secure

When it comes to ensuring the safety of employees, businesses cannot afford to take any risks. Unforeseen circumstances can quickly arise, leaving employees vulnerable and at risk. A silent panic button system is an essential tool that businesses can use to keep their employees safe and secure in an emergency.

Implementing a silent panic button system is easy and can be monitored remotely, allowing for the quick dispatch of emergency response services if necessary. Moreover, a silent panic button system can provide peace of mind to employees and business owners alike, knowing they are prepared for any situation.

If you want to learn more about how a silent panic button solution can benefit your business and keep your employees safe, schedule a free demo today.

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