What Irvine Hoteliers Need to Know About Employee Safety Devices

by Iakjot Kaur, on Jul 1, 2024 11:00:08 AM

In June 2023, a hotel employee filed a class action lawsuit against a hotel for violating Irvine’s recently adopted hotel worker protection ordinance. The employee alleges that the hotel failed to comply with the ordinance by not providing functioning panic buttons, not hiring security to respond to panic calls, among other violations. This lawsuit highlights why implementing a staff safety system is just the first step to creating a safer workplace. To maintain safety, hoteliers must prioritize putting meaningful processes and procedures in place.

This article will cover Irvine’s comprehensive panic button legislation and hoteliers’ responsibilities. For more compliance details for other cities and states in the United States, view our Panic Button Legislation Guide here.


In December 2022, the Irvine hotel worker protection ordinance went into effect, requiring hotels to provide workers with a personal security device to be used if the hotel worker’s safety is at risk.

Outline of Hotel Employer Responsibilities

Irvine hotels must provide personal security devices while complying with other safety measures to protect their employees from potential harm. Irvine’s panic button laws require:

  • The hotels provide workers with a personal security device to be used if the hotel worker’s safety is at risk.
  • Training for employees on the usability of personal security devices within one month of the employee’s date of hire. The training must be in English if a hotel exceeds 60 guest rooms.
  • If a hotel has more than 60 guest rooms, the hotel must assign a security guard who can reply to employee alerts and provide on-site assistance.
  • The hotel must provide reasonable accommodations for the employee if they report violent or threatening conduct.

What Features Should Your Panic Buttons Have?

When choosing safety devices, knowing what safety features to look for is essential. There are many options available in the market, so it is important to look for devices that align with the unique needs of your hotel and employees. While browsing, keep these key features in mind:

  • The panic button must be user-friendly. Your staff must be able to use the device to call for help easily.
  • The device should be comfortable for the employees. The device should be discreet when the employee is wearing it.
  • The device should be able to discreetly notify all staff including managers, supervisors, and security within seconds. 

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