Silent versus Audible Alarms for Panic Button Devices

by Jiun Wang, on Sep 24, 2021 5:09:39 PM

When we think about panic buttons, there are various types available in the market designed in different shapes and sizes. Some panic button devices are silent, where some emit a loud sound when activated during an emergency.

Which type of panic button is the best fit for a situation at your business? The silent one or the audible alarm? Let’s find out below: 

Silent Panic Button Alarms

A silent panic button is ideal in duress situations when faced with someone who displays threatening behavior. If you expose your distress call with an action or sound, it could make a situation worse. Like a home security system with silent alarms, the purpose is to send emergency help without putting your life at more risk, especially when you are in a disadvantaged situation. 

Audible Panic Button Alarms

In some situations, a loud audible alarm may scare someone who is threatening you, but there is the risk of doing the opposite and placing you in more harm. It can also cause unnecessary concern and fear to guests present in your workplace, damaging your brand’s reputation. Most of these audible alarms, also known as “noisemakers,” are made cheaply and provide one function of making a lot of noise in hopes of deterring the threat.

Why Businesses are Choosing Silent Alarms for their Staff

react mobile cellular LTE panic buttonMany businesses have turned to a silent panic button alarm to minimize any more risk in a dangerous situation. The idea of a loud alarm ringing has too many disadvantages, and worst of all, someone may not be close enough even to hear the distress call, leading the audible “noisemaker” alarm to be worthless.

Keeping the Workplace Safe and Secure

While at work, most of us don’t think about how we may face an uncomfortable or dangerous situation. If a person is threatened or physically assaulted in the workplace, they would feel safer knowing a silent panic button device can discreetly call for help without escalating a tense situation. Ready to learn more about a silent panic button solution for your workplace? Schedule a free demo today.


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