React Mobile 2.0: The Enterprise Workplace Safety Platform

by Jiun Wang, on Sep 24, 2021 5:08:15 PM

Thousands of people every day are in a situation where they desperately need help but can’t make a call. The founder of React Mobile, Robb Monkman, faced a scary experience when he was a victim of an armed robbery and hostage. The situation left a lasting impression on him, and Robb made it his mission to solve the problem and created React Mobile. Today, React Mobile is a simple and powerful workplace safety platform purpose-built for businesses to help protect people in the workplace from dangers and emergencies.


What is a Workplace Safety Platform?

react mobile app mockupA workplace safety platform consists of hardware and software that helps a person in distress to instantly call for help silently, without escalating the gravity of a nervous situation. The hardware is a lightweight, easy-to-use panic button device that a person carries during work. When a person is in distress due to a dangerous situation or health emergency, they can quickly press the panic button to activate for help instantly. The device’s LED will flash, indicating help is on the way, unlike traditional noisemakers that provide no sense of how long a response will take. The panic button activation sends an alert to the software side of the system and informs the responder exactly where the person is who needs helps.


How React Mobile Achieved 99.99% Reliability

When a person is in distress, it’s critical to know where they are and who is on the way to provide help. With React Mobile, we have achieved 99.99% reliability in determining the location of the person in distress with our Bluetooth® Beacon technology and Client Portal software. The Beacons are carefully installed room by room on property and tested for accurate coverage by our professional installation team to ensure reliable alerts in an instant when you need it the most.

When an alert is active, the Client Portal software instantly helps notify responders and has a feature to acknowledge that they are on the way to help. It includes a chat function to allow the security team to address issues efficiently.


Rest Assured with Confidential Operation with React Mobile

The importance of employee privacy is critical for any system implemented in the workplace and React Mobile understands that people do not want real-time location tracking while working (as noted by CBAs). That is why we designed our immediate security response system, never to track a person’s location until they activate the panic button device during an emergency. The confidential operation also benefits the hardware’s battery life since it’s not constantly recording passive pings from each employee when no alert is active.


A Simple Pricing Model for Your Workplace Safety Solution

No matter the size of your property, we have a simple pricing model to fit the needs to keep your people protected. The pricing model involves choosing a button type, defining the technology to receive location data, and then providing property information (i.e., number of rooms, common areas, stairwells, etc.) to determine the configuration settings.

react mobile plan options

The technology for location data comes in three types – Good, Better, and Best. The ‘Good’ type involves working with GPS or on-site software integration that properties employee location data when they check-in/out of cleaning areas. The ‘Better’ type utilizes existing on-site iBeacon hardware installed in every room. The ‘Best’ type uses our purpose-built React Beacons installed discreetly across the property to send exact location information during an emergency.

Next Steps to Protect Your People

It’s always a good time to start finding better ways to protect your people in the workplace, especially as some properties are working on short-staff and often on a floor alone and at risk to dangers. Schedule a free demo with us today and learn how you can eliminate the possibility of an unheard cry of help.

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