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How to Choose the Best Employee Safety Technology for Your Hotel

by Robb Monkman, on Jul 23, 2019 2:25:53 PM

While much of hotel technology often focuses on the guest experience, the industry now finds itself amidst a wide-spread push to invest in enhanced safety and protection for their employees. As the call for improved safety measures gains traction, hoteliers around the globe are implored to establish a higher standard of care for their employees, with the help of employee safety devices. Of course, it’s not merely a matter of implementing any employee safety device — it’s the responsibility of each hotelier to choose the right safety platform for their hotel. Fortunately, we can help.

1. More than a Noisemaker

In today’s uncertain environments and amidst new industry policies and laws, a traditional noisemaker simply isn’t a suitable option. If an incident occurs behind the closed door of a room on the 34th floor of a large-scale, multi-level property, the emittance of an audible noise/distress call will not provide adequate location information. Not only that but in the case of an assault or a similar incident, the use of a noisemaker would alert the assailant and surrounding guests of the distress call, which is undeniably problematic.

Ultimately, the safety platform you pick should protect your employees day and night, anywhere in your hotel.

2. Works Anywhere – On or Off Property

Keeping your workers safe and connected wherever they are can seem like a difficult and expensive proposition. However, it has become increasingly important for hoteliers to seek out advanced safety platforms —that rely on beacon Bluetooth technology to track distress calls from anywhere on or off the property, both indoors and outdoors. If a staff member is injured or in trouble, they should be able to simply press the button to discreetly call for help, and the technology transmits the exact GPS coordinates of the distress call and provide real-time tracking of the device. This provides an extra level of safety in emergencies and peace of mind in most situations.

3. A Customizable Solution

As new hospitality technology emerges, we become increasingly aware that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution that is appropriately suited to every hotels’ needs. This same understanding applies to ESDs, as it is crucial for hoteliers to vet and select an ESD vendor that understands — and can cater to — the unique needs of each property.

With that said, the safety platform should be entirely customizable to the size and scale of your hotel, with various tiers of service that can be further customized to fit your hotel’s precise needs. For those hotels which desire a more advanced solution, they can select the service tier which allows for the convergence of the front and back of the house to provide not only employee safety but also operational excellence and additional revenue opportunities. This allows for the creation of a truly individualized, best in class safety platform that ensures the on-going protection of hotel staff, as well as the continued optimization of your hotel’s operational model. Further, it is essential for hoteliers to invest in a solution which can be easily integrated into their existing operational infrastructure, to simplify implementation and increase functionality.

4. No Smart Phone? No Problem.

While smartphone functionality is increasingly important in this modern age, it’s equally important to account for those staff members who do not have access to a smartphone device. With this in mind, the ideal safety platform should offer not only app-based functionality, but also a stand-alone LTE panic button that can work without the need for a paired smart device. This simple — but still discreet and effective — implement allows support staff to receive precise location-based alerts both on and off property, in the case of a staff-related emergency or injury.

5. Easy to Use & Implement

When it comes to integrating new platforms into a hotel’s existing stack of operational technology, aligning with vendors that offer an open platform is imperative. Hoteliers should seek out a safety platform which integrates with leading hotel technology platforms to leverage existing infrastructure while protecting hotel staff. Integrating with and leveraging existing hardware and software systems already in use at the property can lead to increased functionality and reliability as well as a decreased cost of deploying a robust safety platform.

Even further, the platform should offer a simple, user-friendly interface and require little to no training, with fast and seamless integration with current hotel systems.

The hospitality industry is making great strides to re-imagine the standards of hotel staff safety. With the right technology in place, hoteliers can finally rest assured knowing that their staff is protected, day and night, as they work to provide guests with a memorable experience.

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