Protecting Hospitality Workers Using Location-Based Services

by Linaeya Horn-Muller, on Jun 4, 2024 11:26:00 AM

React Mobile and HPE Aruba Networking have joined forces to provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for keeping workers safe. Employee safety is of the utmost importance to businesses across many industries such as hospitality, healthcare and education.

A safe environment not only protects employees from harm but also boosts their retention and productivity, contributing to the organization's overall success. Additionally, demonstrating a commitment to safety can enhance a company's reputation, building trust with existing employees, potential employees, clients and partners. Implementing safety measures, like employee safety devices (ESDs), can also help mitigate potential legal liabilities.

How it Works

When an employee activates an alert, the React Mobile ESD (panic button) reads the Bluetooth iBeacon signals from nearby HPE Aruba Networking access points, and transmits the user’s location to the React Mobile Portal. Within seconds of triggering an alert, the platform will summon help to the exact location of the incident.

In outdoor spaces, the React Mobile Portal will utilize GPS positioning for location data. The seamless union of Bluetooth and GPS allows employees to roam freely across large resorts without losing protection. In addition to supporting React Mobile ESDs, HPE Aruba Networking access points can also monitor other IoT devices including door locks, comfort controls, air quality and humidity sensors, and water leak detectors. The traffic for IoT monitoring applications is dynamically segmented from other parts of the network to protect against cyber-attacks and malware. For more information, click to view the Partner Solution Overview.

John Stachowiak, React Mobile CEO, said: "We are thrilled to be an HPE Aruba Networking Technology Partner and eager to introduce the React Mobile workplace safety platform to more of HPE Aruba Networking’s customers. Together we are answering the question: 'How can I implement employee safety devices affordably in today's business climate?'"

Protect Your Team with React Mobile’s Panic Button Devices

Ensuring staff safety is crucial as it promotes a positive, safe and engaging workplace. This is essential for hotels, where several employees work independently. At React Mobile, we know how this process can be overwhelming due to the variety of vendors and features in this industry. Because of that we offer a wide range of solutions customizable to your particular workplace needs. 

Take the first step towards creating a safer workplace by scheduling your free demo today:

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